Hot Melt Glue Application

They are widely use for

1. Position glue for sanitary napkins
2.Position glue for sanitary napkins
3.Elastic glue for baby diaper
1.Excellent bonding strength and peel strength
2.Low energy consumption
3.Good heat-stability ,low application temperature without burning the substrates
4.Good aging resistance
5.Non-toxic,colorless odorless and without fluorescent

OEM Hot Melt Glue Wholesale

True Mission is a professional manufacturer, specialized in hygiene raw material:hot melt glue, non woven, backsheet, frontal tape, side tape, ADL, wood pulp, SAP, etc.

Since the year 2005, we used our material to produce baby diaper, biodegradable bamboo diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin, wet wipes, and underpads.
We cooperate with TOP 500 material suppliers, such as HENKEL, BASF, Weyerhaeuser, 3M, Sumitomo, Bostik, and Fuller. Based on our bulk purchase quantities, we can get the best prices from them and share the competitive prices with our customers.

We have 18 production lines to ensure the adequate and stable production capability, and achieved certifications including SGS, BRC, FSC, CE, ISO, OEKO

We exported to South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and can afford marketing support to our customers.

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