Tampons Wholesale

Tampon is a popular daily care products for women in period, which is a good replacement for sanitary pads, which will not leak even in swim or sports. Tampon is also small in size and saves materials.

Viscose Tampons Wholesale

No odor and 100% Leakage protection.Boring during the period? active exercise?Take it easy, you deserve the right tampon to comfort your body.Try viscose tampon and enjoy the experience of 360° reliable anti-leak protection.

Tampons Manufacturer

True Mission – leading and global tampon manufacturers.
We offer a wide selection and variety of private label tampons, catering to some of the world’s leading retailers and chain stores.

Tampons Supplier

Tampons are one of the basic hygiene products for sale for women to keep safe and comfortable during periods. As one of the professional organic sanitary tampon manufacturers in China, True Mission possesses medical-grade workshops to produce tampons. We are committed to providing the most natural, safe, and eco-friendly tampon solutions for brand OEM inquiries.

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