Panty Liner Wholesale

We provides a comprehensive range of feminine hygienic solutions for every life style of women. We also have panty liner for those at the end of your period.

Panty Liner Supplier

As one of the professional OEM eco hygiene products suppliers in China, True Mission also provides OEM/ODM services over panty liner wholesale with different specifications.

Panty Liner Material

Made from cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric and a strong substrate, our panty liner wholesale does not require wood pulp or polymers compared to the traditional pads and can be completely composted.

What Is The Difference Between Panty Liners And Sanitary Napkins?

First of all, the difference between panty liners and sanitary napkins is mainly the size. The size of the panty liner is normally smaller than that of sanitary napkins, and usually, there are no wings for the panty liner.
Another difference between the wholesale panty liner and sanitary napkins bulk is the difference in water absorption. Because of the size difference, the water absorption of sanitary napkins is normally greater than that of the pad panty liner. The absorbency of pads we manufactured normally is 100ml/150ml/180ml/200ml, which also can be customized for the brand’s detail request.

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