Private label wet wipes manufacturing

Private label wet wipes manufacturing

Wet wipes have become an industry with huge market demand and repeated consumption. With the rapid development of the global wipes market, many new brands have entered the wipes market.

  1. High quality own-brandwet wipes manufacturer

Our factory was established in 2005. We are a manufacturer of baby wipes, adult wipes, women’s wipes and medical wipes. We have our own brand: Sakura Suki.As a high quality OEM wet wipes manufacturer, we export our products to more than 75 countries and regions and have experience working with Fortune 500 retailers and brands. The annual output of all kinds of wet wipes is 1 billion packages, has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, SGS, MSDS and other international certification. We focus on providing high quality, comprehensive sanitation solutions from the individual to the home.


  1. How are the wet wipes made?

1.The material of wet wipes is generally high-quality spunlaced non-woven fabric, which is made of fiber and viscose in proportion. For example 2:8, 3:7 is the ratio of viscose to fiber. Usually, if the ratio of viscose is high, the quality of non-woven fabric is high.

2.Wet wipes are raw water (RO pure water) using reverse osmosis technology, after RO membrane filtration, remove inorganic salts, trace elements, minerals and other calcium and magnesium ions form pure water, which can increase the shelf life and quality of wet wipes.

3.Some wet wipes contain fragrance, is by adding plant essence, such as aloe vera, citrus lemon, baby wipes inside the increase of vitamin E, they can better protect the baby’s tender skin, and prevent the baby from red butt

4.The outer packaging, the material is food grade, so as to achieve sterility without odor.

5.Size and packing, usually the size is 20x15cm, folded into N-type, the packing is 20pcs/bag,80pcs/bag .etc

  1. Production of private brand wet wipes of retail stores

Retail enterprises must have certain self-owned brands and tip scale, as well as market information search, product research and development, quality control and brand management capabilities, in order to achieve economies of scale in their own production and processing.

But for many start-up wipes brands, money alone won’t make it. It is a very wise choice to leave the production to a professional wet wips manufacturer. The production technology, raw material procurement, professional labor force, production and construction of the wipes manufacturer can assist the construction of the brand and save costs.

Brand owners can also make different marketing strategy adjustment according to the market positioning and feedback of the product, which is very important for the vitality of the brand.


True Mission Industrial Co.,Ltd. has a number of advanced automatic packaging machine production lines, as well as a professional R & D team, with many years of wet wipes export production experience, production and processing with major well-known brands. Welcome to visit the inquiry.

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