Breathable diapers: The advantages you didn’t know about  

Breathable diapers: The advantages you didn’t know about  

Breathable diapers are becoming more and more popular with parents. And for good reason! Breathable diapers have many advantages that parents may not be aware of.

Why breathable diapers are essential?

If the diaper breathability is not good, it will make the baby’s butt in a humid and stuffy environment for a long time, bacteria are more likely to breed, and the probability of red butt will greatly increase. When choosing diapers, breathability is a very important point.

The benefits of breathable diapers

1, breathable not stuffy wet, bacteria is not easy to infestation, not easy to red fart, the baby is more comfortable, less suffering


2, let the baby private parts more healthy, improve resistance


3, eliminate, or even avoid the potential risks to the baby’s reproductive development


4, breathable and not stuffy and wet, the baby is not easy to cry, good for the future of good temper


  1. Breathable and comfortable, the baby’s emotions are easy to focus, which is helpful to the construction of parent-child relationship


6.Promote family harmony

How breathable diapers work

Breathable diapers, first of all, look at the thickness of diapers, generally thinner diapers, better breathable.

  1. Breathable diapers are basically non-woven surface layer. Breathable non-woven diapers can improve the air permeability inside the diapers. Water vapor can circulate outside the diapers, timely discharge moisture and heat, effectively reduce the chance of urinary rash, soft and comfortable without skin irritation.
  2. The backsheet material of breathable diapers is generally made of PE film or PE film + non-woven fabric. PE film has good water insulation and air permeability, mainly to prevent urine leakage and make the diapers breathable and impermeable. Non-woven fabric is to ensure the air permeability of diapers at the same time, as far as possible to improve the baby’s comfort, so that the diapers have more texture, better feel.

The backsheet is the outermost patterned layer. Breathable backseeht film, on the one hand to prevent baby urine penetration into the outside, on the other hand has good air permeability, play the role of sending out the sulk, help to prevent the occurrence of baby red butt.

The operation principle of breathable diaper

  1. The operating principle of the permeable bottom membrane of the diaper is simple: inorganic + stretch = microhole. In fact, the operation is very dainty, only the size of the right, uniform distribution of micropores to be effective.

When the concentration of water vapor on one side of the film is greater than that on the other side of the film, a humidity gradient pressure difference is formed. This provides the basic conditions for the convection of the gas (vapor) body. Due to the formation of convection, the humidity environment on both sides of the film tends to be relatively balanced. This is the basic principle of the operation of the breathable bottom film.

  1. In addition to breathable bottom film, but also as a water insulation film, liquid barrier effect. Due to the existence of many channels in the film, the zigzag channel formed by it has a large “aspect ratio” (L/D) value, which can be understood as a capillary. Therefore, under the condition of the same liquid (such as water) and the same pressure, as long as the liquid column height of the capillary is less than the length of the capillary, it can ensure that the liquid will not leak out, otherwise leakage will occur.

The different types of breathable diapers

  1. Types of core structure of breathable diapers

Breathable diapers on the market are usually divided into two core structures:

  1. Wood pulp core (also known as fluff pulp), also known as traditional core. A mixture of wood pulp and absorbent resin.
  2. Composite core, also known as hybrid core. It is made of dust-free paper, non-woven fabric and absorbent resin.

Two, the difference between the two core breahtable diapers

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  1. Wood pulp core is formed by the mixture of fluff pulp and macromolecule absorbent resin, without stratification or partition, and is widely known as the traditional core.

Advantage: Good dredging.

Wood pulp core breathable diapers, mainly through the wood paddle fiber to guide the urine into the absorption core, and then through the polymer material (also known as absorbent primer layer) itself strong water-locking performance to lock the urine, urine on the surface of the diaper after absorbing a certain amount of urine, timely lock urine, keep the baby’s butt dry.

Disadvantages: easy to lump, fault.

Due to the disordered mixing of wood pulp and absorbent resin, the structure is relatively loose, without adding adhesive, can not fix the fluff pulp and polymer absorbent resin, so easy to lump; And, some diapers want to improve the absorption, will reduce the proportion of wood pulp, increase the use of water absorption resin, it is likely to lead to diapers after water absorption of hard turd and fault.

(Traditional villus core structure, picture from the Internet)

  1. Composite core breathable diapers are composed of dust-free paper, non-woven fabric and macromolecule absorbent resin. The polymer absorption factor is used, and the absorption force and locking power of the general imported absorption factor are stronger.

Advantages: not easy to lump, fault

The core is made of hot melt adhesive between each layer of materials. The core contains a large amount of polymer to ensure the absorption of the diaper. After absorbing water, the whole expands and can not be smoothed out. The composite core diaper absorbs urine and retains its original shape. Light and comfortable, baby wearing no burden.

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Disadvantages: Complicated process and high cost

The process is more complex, compared with the traditional core, the cost is high.

Conclusion: why you should switch to breathable diapers

Breathable diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients in the non-woven layer, forming a soft protective layer containing skin moisturizing ingredients, not only feels smooth, soft and comfortable, but also can effectively isolate the absorbed urine to avoid irritating the baby’s skin; At the same time, the protective layer also acts as moisture.

As your baby gets older, your baby starts eating more and excreting more. Breathable diapers can reduce your baby’s skin-to-skin contact with urine time, without disturbing your baby’s play. Good quality, breathable diapers are also more effective at night, allowing your baby to sleep better.

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