Appearance selection and performance requirements of adult diapers

Appearance selection and performance requirements of adult diapers

Adult diapers are disposable urinary incontinence products, one of the adult care products, and are mainly suitable for disposable diapers used by adults with incontinence. Most products are purchased in sheet form and short-formed when worn. Use adhesive sheets to form a pair of shorts. At the same time, the adhesive sheet can adjust the size of the waistband to suit different fat and thin body shapes.

What are the appearance selection requirements for adult diapers?

1: It must be suitable for the body shape of the person wearing it. In particular, the elastic grooves on the legs and waist should not be too tight, otherwise the skin will be injured. The sizes of diapers are sometimes not exactly the same, and may vary with different manufacturers and brands. It is recommended to refer to the number marked on the outside of the package.

2: The leak-proof design prevents urine from leaking out. Adults have a lot of urine, so choose a adult diaper with a leak-proof design, that is, the hem on the inner thigh and the leak-proof hem on the waist, which can effectively prevent leakage when there is too much urine.

3: The adhesive function is better. When in use, the adhesive sticker should be able to stick tightly to the diaper, and it can still be pasted repeatedly after the diaper is unfastened. Even if the patient changes position on and off the wheelchair, it will not loosen or fall off.


When using diapers, the particularity of individual skin sensitivity differences must be considered. After choosing the appropriate size of diapers, the following aspects should also be considered:

1: The adult diaper should be soft, non-allergenic, and contain skin care ingredients.

2: The adult diaper should have super water absorption.

3: Choose adult diapers with high breathability. When the ambient temperature increases, the temperature of the skin is difficult to control, and if the moisture and heat cannot be properly vented, it is easy to produce heat rash and diaper rash.

Performance requirements for nighttime adult diapers

  1. There must be instantaneous suction diversion and fractional absorption technology. It must have antibacterial effect, because the user’s urine in a warm and humid environment can easily combine with the oxygen in the air to breed bacteria, and the bacteria may harm adults. .
  2. Elastic waist, so close to the body. Adut diapers without elastic waist may be easily tightened because the wet part is heavier after the user adult diapers and the user turns over repeatedly when sleeping at night. (Strangled) The inner thigh of the user and the elastic waistline are selected with ventilation holes, so that the sultry heat can be discharged.
  3. There must be leak-proof folds and a breathable backsheet film, so that the user’s buttocks are very dry and comfortable. It is worth noting that the ammonia gas produced by diapers affects the environment and health, and stimulates the user’s eyes. and respiratory tract.
  4. It is soft and comfortable to the touch. Some adult diapers feel a piece of hard objects (may be water-absorbing polymers), and do not absorb them. allergy.

How often to change adult diapers

According to the breathability and dryness of adult diapers, there will be different requirements. Night-use (wearing during sleep) adult diapers should be replaced in time after full urine at night, and in the morning if not full. In the daytime, if you only wear underwear that does not absorb urine, sweat, or pollutants, as long as you don’t feel stuffy and uncomfortable, you can wear underwear for the same time as normal underwear. However, after the diaper absorbs urine during use, it should not be worn for more than 6 hours, because factors such as urine fermentation and bacterial reproduction will easily affect the health of the skin after more than 6 hours. Also, after the inside of the diaper feels damp or leaks, the diaper should be changed in time.

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