How to choose the perfect adult diaper manufacturers

How to choose the perfect adult diaper manufacturers

Why manufactured diapers are the best choice.


As adult diapers have high absorption capacity, they can absorb a large amount of urine in the diapers, so as to ensure that the diapers are clean and refreshing, and protect the health of users. In addition, adult diapers have a lot of Super Absorbent Polymer, which can absorb dozens of times more water than its own weight and lock it, prevent back seepage, further ensure the dry inside of diapers, avoid bacteria breeding.


In addition to the incontinent elderly, adult diapers can also help other groups. The high absorption capacity of adult diapers can adsorb urine and filth, and it is also very suitable for absorbing postpartum lochia. Puerpera in order to restore the wound, can not get out of bed to go to the toilet at will, just finished a few days before the use of diapers, convenient and trouble – saving. Similarly, the postoperative recovery population can also be used.


Adult diapers are relatively lightweight, wearing not only will not feel weight, but also won’t damage the user’s skin due to friction. Also based on this, many mountaineering enthusiasts and travelers will choose to prepare adult diapers. In this way, the “temporary needs” of special circumstances can be easily addressed.

The difference between adult and child diapers.

First, the applicable population is different

  1. Baby diapers: refers to diapers for babies.


2, adult diapers: suitable for moderate to severe incontinence, paralysis bedridden patients, puerperium lochia; Traffic jams, people unable to go to the toilet and college entrance exams.

In terms of size, adult diapers are in accordance with adult size, larger than baby diapers, with waist adhesive.

Material aspect, adult diaper has super absorptive power, absorb more.

Both are incontinence care products. Adult diapers are more subdivided according to the degree of incontinence, there are mild incontinence, moderate incontinence, severe incontinence.


The benefits of using manufactured diapers

Strong suction lock water, durable dry more comfortable


Imported polymer strong absorption lock water, three-dimensional drilling diversion to accelerate diffusion, can make the surface durable dry, consumer replacement times are relatively less, convenient and worry free.


Absorbency core, fit and breathable, more comfortable

Compared with the same type before the upgrade, it adopts a thinner cotton core design, which not only fits comfortably and is not bloated, but also has good air permeability. After wearing it, it is as light and energetic as ordinary underwear, completely without any trace, which effectively protects the privacy of users and reduces their sense of inferiority.



Double protection, effective leakage more secure


Three-dimensional protection, leak-proof legs around double protection, can closely fit the body, effectively prevent side leakage, so that users can move freely, at night can rest assured to sleep.


New upgrade Velcro, more comfortable to adjust


The waist patch has been upgraded into a new magic adhesive buckle, can be adjusted to the appropriate position, repeated paste, not easy to fall off, can be used at ease.


Intelligent urine display, convenient prompt more worry


In the case of wet, that is, the intimate design of elimination of hidden urine, can timely remind consumers to replace, worry and effort.

How to choose the perfect manufacturer

Advanced production equipment

Advanced production equipment is much higher than ordinary equipment in terms of operation stability, product quality stability, production speed and production efficiency, which can not only improve the quality of diapers, but also increase the production capacity of the adult diaper manufacturer.

Select global raw materials

The second is the raw material of diapers, from wood pulp to non-woven fabric bottom and surface layer, polymer, rubber, Velcro is also the rigid configuration of diapers. At present, the main suppliers of many brands in polymer are Sumitomo, Catalyst, Mitaya and BASF, which are the world’s top brands, and many diapers are in use, but they are mainly used by some small and medium-sized factories or brands. Among these raw material suppliers, Sumitomo is currently the most used polymer brand for adult diaper manufacturers. And wood pulp, in addition to some Chinese production enterprises, big brands mainly choose Weyerhaeuser and so on. The adhesive is made of German Henkel, the rubber band is made of American Leica, and the Velcro is made of American 3M. PGI, Eli Denison, Hyosung, Israel Golden Dragon, Eli, Full and Pentax are also the raw material suppliers for many brands.

Strict production environment requirements

The adult diaper manufacturer will monitor the temperature and humidity in the production workshop to ensure that there are no conditions for bacteria to survive in the production environment. They will also test the diapers for bacteria before leaving the factory. At present, the environment of the more advanced factories and production workshops are all sterile production workshops with constant temperature and humidity, which can better ensure the health and safety of diapers.


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