How often to change baby diaper?

baby's diaper

How often to change baby diaper?

Parents often wonder how often to change baby’s diaper

Baby diapers are disposable, the outer layer of plastic film external waterproof layer, limiting the air permeability of diapers.

Bacteria breed quickly in a warm and humid environment. In order to prevent bacteria from breeding and causing the baby to get sick, parents should change the baby’s diaper frequently.

How often is it appropriate to change a diaper?

① the baby urinates, then 2-3 hours for a change;

② If the urine volume of the baby’s diaper is found to be large, then replace it once;

③ Before and after each feeding, after urination and defecation, before going to bed, after waking up, we should judge whether we need to change diapers for the baby;

④ every time the baby cries, first look at whether the baby’s diapers need to be changed;

⑤ The baby should change the diaper immediately after stool.

Because the baby is still small, the bladder is not fully developed urine in the body can not be stored for a long time, so every 2-3 hours to check and change the diaper. When the baby is a little older, you can change every 4 to 5 hours.

baby's diaper

Diaper changing frequency depends on several factors

Generally, baby’s diaper should not be used for more than 4 hours during the day. Note the following points in time:

①After feeding: 15~30 minutes after each feeding, the baby may urinate;

②Before going to bed: Before going to bed, check whether the baby’s diapers are dry; After waking up: After waking up, the baby will usually urinate;

③Before going out: Before taking your baby out, check it out.

④When the baby is playing and suddenly stops quietly, or makes a dazed, umm, it is usually defecation.

Diapers should be changed frequently to prevent bacterial growth and disease. Parents should change their baby’s diaper in time whenever it gets wet or dirty. If it is not replaced for a long time, there may be red buttocks, dermatitis and rashes. In addition, you can apply some diaper ointment on the buttocks before changing the baby’s new diapers to reduce the irritation of urine to the baby’s sk

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When to change a newborn’s diaper

The frequency of diaper replacement depends on the child’s age, urine volume, and stool status. It is generally recommended that newborns replace 1 time 2-3 hours, and older children can be replaced 1 time 3-4 hours.

Usually, children with a large amount of urine, it is recommended to change the diaper once every 2-3 hours. In addition, if the situation of stool, need to replace the diapers immediately. If the diaper is not replaced in time, the fecal fluid in the stool will be soaked in the diaper, and red buttocks will occur. Therefore, it is recommended that children should immediately replace diapers after stool, otherwise it is easy to cause red butt or diaper dermatitis. Therefore, the frequency of diaper replacement should be determined according to the child’s stool and urine volume. In short, newborns have more urine volume, more urine times, and the number of changes may be frequent. If the child is older, the urine volume is less, and the number of replacement may be less.

In life, parents should not wrap the diaper too tightly, so it is not easy to breathe, children’s lower limb activity is limited, but also easy to rub the inner thigh. And children’s skin is thin and tender, it is easy to chafe the skin to cause infection. In addition, parents especially pay attention to the baby girl diapers can not be too tight, in order to prevent the baby vulvae inflammation and urethritis.

When to change an older baby’s diaper

When the child is older and the urine volume is less, the frequency of replacement is about 3-4 hours.

When the child learns to walk, can give the child to wear baby diaper pants. Easy to wear and take off.

How often to change a baby’s cloth diaper

In general, when choosing diapers for babies, it is best to choose pure cotton fabrics. In addition to pure cotton, you can also choose gauze that has begun to appear on the market, and one of them is bamboo fiber. No matter what kind of material, the most important thing is to have good breathability, and to choose a more comfortable and soft fabric.

Although cloth diapers are good for babies, they are a little troublesome for parents. Once the gauze diaper gets a little wet, it needs to be changed immediately. Moreover, after washing, a series of disinfection steps such as boiling water and sun exposure should be carried out. If it is a cloudy and rainy day, it is not very convenient to use this diaper.

How often to change a baby’s disposable diaper

1 the baby crying

Once the baby cries, generally speaking, it’s probably time to change the diaper.

 change the diaper.

2 smell

If the mother is brave enough, you can pick up the baby and smell the vicinity of the buttocks. If the smell is very strong, it means that the diaper needs to be changed.

3.Hold the diaper

As an alternative, the mother can hold the front of the baby’s diaper and shake it gently.

If the diaper moves like jelly, most of it is wet, so it needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Baby diapers must be changed frequently


  1. Baby diapers must be changed frequently, otherwise it is easy to cause diaper rash, especially for baby girls, but also to be careful of vulvae inflammation.
  2. Check in time and replace the urine if it is full.
  3. Babies need to change their diapers at night

4.There is no definitive answer, but these guidelines can help.

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