How extra thin diapers are changing the diapering game?

How extra thin diapers are changing the diapering game?

Ultra thin diapers are changing the diapering game by giving parents more options for absorbency. With so many choices on the market, it can be hard to know which diaper is right for your child. But with extra thin diapers, you can be sure that your child will stay dry and comfortable all day long.

Why extra thin diapers are becoming popular

Due to changes in consumer consumption habits, diaper brands pay more attention to the distinction between functions and details to meet the individual needs of consumers.

Diapers are a necessity for babies, and ultra-thin diapers are becoming more and more popular among parents. It is breathable and comfortable, and it is not easy to get rashes, and the baby’s legs can be stretched more, so as to avoid the abnormal development of the baby’s calves.

The benefits of extra thin diapers

Super absorption

The absorption core layer of too thick diapers contains a lot of cotton or fluff pulp, which is easy to lump up after absorbing urine and makes the baby uncomfortable to wear. The ultra-thin diapers use more polymer absorbent materials and fluff pulp, not only the absorption is large, faster absorption.

Keep dry surface

The polymer material of the ultra-thin diapers not only absorbs urine instantaneously, but also tightly locks it into the inner layer, reducing reosmosis and keeping your baby’s butt dry and clean.

How extra tin diapers are changing the diapering game

Young parents cling to the quality of nappies and start to prefer products with high cost performance. At present, both the application of new materials and the research and development of new technologies have made certain achievements.

Ultra thin diaper is mainly due to changes in the core technology “absorbency core”.Thick diapers contain absorptive core layer of cotton or fluff pulp, easy to absorb urine clumps, baby wearing uncomfortable.

Over time, polymer absorbent materials appeared. The appearance and widespread use of macromolecule absorbent materials make diapers more absorptive. Ultra thin diapers mainly use polymer absorbent materials, not only absorption speed, but also large urine absorption!

The downside of extra thick diapers

Thick diapers in the absorption center full of wood pulp, can not improve the absorption of diapers, but will increase the thickness of the diaper. The absorption capacity, softness and comfort will be deteriorated accordingly. After the child urinates, the urine cannot be quickly absorbed by the permeable layer, and the small buttocks will be immersed in the urine, making it uncomfortable to be wet. The thicker the diaper, the more uncomfortable it will be for the baby.


Extra thin diapers are changing the diapering game by making it more comfortable for babies and less expensive for parents. They are also more absorbent, which means fewer diaper changes and less of a mess for parents to deal with.

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