Everything you need to know about sanitary pads

Everything you need to know about sanitary pads

When you get your first period, every girl wants to know how sanitary pads work, function and feel comfortable during your menstrual cycle. We want to make sure that whenever you need to know anything about sanitary napkins, we can help!

Here’s everything you need to know about sanitary pads:

1.What is a sanitary pad?

sanitary pad is a kind of sanitary products for women’s menstrual period. It is mainlymade of high polymer and high polymer composite paper formed by cotton, non-woven fabric, woold pulp or above materials. The side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage, which is divided into surface layer, absorption core and individual wrapper three layers from the inside out. When using, first tear off the middle of the paper tape, glue the adhesive side to the middle of the underwear, two “ears” to the narrowest part of the crotch can be glued firmly. Other common menstrual products include tampons, menstrual cups, and pads.

2.Why choose saniary pads

The main role of sanitary pads is the use of women’s menstrual period, absorb menstrual blood, avoid dirty pants. It is recommended to keep the vulva clean, change sanitary pads frequently during menstruation, and choose good air permeability as far as possible to prevent the occurrence of gynecological inflammation.

3.Types of Sanitary Pads 

Sanitary pads are mainly used for daily use, night use, super long night use, panty liner four types, in addition to these four types, sanitary pads can also be divided according to the length. Daily general use of sanitary pads, the length is generally 240mm, 245mm, 284 mm; If it is used for night sanitary pads, there are 270mm, 290mm, 320mm length types; Super long night with sanitary pads generally 360mm and 420mm; Pads are generally 150mm in length, and there is a mini sanitary pad, which is usually 180mm in length.

Sanitary napkins can be divided into the following types:


1, according to the surface material can be divided into cotton mesh surface and dry mesh surface. Generally speaking, compared with the two, cotton mesh face pubic irritation is lower, and Not susceptible to allergies.

2, according to the shape can be divided into no airfoil, airfoil, three-dimensional protection, sanitary pads, and so on, and widened, lengthened. The airless type is also called the daily type,suitable for daytime use during your period. Wing type is used in the night, is on the basis of ordinary sanitary napkins to enlarge the two sides, can prevent excessive menstruation a side leak. The vertical body guard is on the basis of the airfoil added middle groove, three-dimensional skirt, can play a double protection on the side leakage, belong to the strengthening Type.

3, according to the function can be divided into ordinary type, disinfection type, antibacterial type classification of surface layer materials: sanitary napkins mainly have three layers, which are surface layer, absorption core and bottom layer, so different surface layer materials of sanitary napkins can also be classified. Use a variety of perforated film as raw material made of sanitary napkins, mainly polyethylene, this is dry mesh surface class; If the surface layer is made of a variety of nonwoven materials, mainly polypropylene, this is the soft type of cotton; Another kind is made of pure cotton material, mainly pure cotton non-woven cloth, this kind of sanitary napkin is pure cotton.

4.Are all sanitary pads reusable?

Not all sanitary napkins are reusable. In general, sanitary pads bought now can not be used repeatedly. Even reusable pads have an expiration date. Sanitary pads in the volume of the best 1~2 hours to replace once, if the amount of menstruation is less, you can change about 3 hours a time, you can use a longer time at night.


The amount of menstruation is very small, you can use sanitary pads to prevent itching caused by hot sanitary napkins. Women to menstruation, often is the body resistance is weak, and because of menstrual blood, vulva damp, easy to breed a variety of bacteria, not timely replacement, it is easy to induce a variety of gynecological diseases, such as vaginitis, cervicitis, and then upward infection form pelvic inflammatory disease, adjunct inflammatory. Sanitary napkins have a certain cleaning effect, but there is no bactericidal effect, so women must change pads frequently during menstruation, to avoid infection.


5.How to use a sanitary pad?

  1. The shape of sanitary napkins is not exactly the same. One is long and has wings. During menstruation, sanitary napkins are attached to the center of underwear, and bilateral wings are attached to the outside of underwear.

2, strip without wing pads, menstrual period directly attached to the center of underwear can be.

3, sanitary napkins have a certain cleaning effect, but there is no bactericidal effect, so women must change pads frequently during menstruation, to avoid infection.

  1. How to properly dispose ofsanitary pads?

Keep your hands clean before changing sanitary pads

First tear off the used sanitary napkins from the underwear, and then tear off the wrapped paper of the sanitary pads to be replaced, as far as possible not to touch the surface.

Attach the glued side to the panties, then fold the wings over and attach to the back.

Just put your underwear on.


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