China Diaper Manufacturers Guide

China Diaper Manufacturers Guide

China Diaper Manufacturers

Materials and Components

The components of diapers are mainly divided into: surface layer – ADL – absorbent core – anti side leakage edge – backsheet。

  • surface layer

The surface layer, also known as the skin-friendly layer, is the layer that directly touches the baby’s butt, so when choosing diapers, it is necessary to choose, soft and breathable, so that the baby is more comfortable to wear.。

  • ADL

The backflow layer is located before the surface layer and the absorbent core, and its role is to absorb liquid quickly, effectively and evenly. The urine can be quickly dispersed to other locations, so that the absorbent core can be better absorbed to avoid back seepage.

  • absorbent core

The main function of absorbent core is to store urine. There are three common core bodies in the market: full core body, half core body and composite core body.

(4)Leak proof

The anti-lateral leakage edge is located in the link surface layer on both sides of the thigh mouth. Its function is to prevent urine from leaking out in time and resulting in leakage from the side.

(5)Backsheet film

The backsheet film is the part of the diaper made up of countless micropores. The microhole should not only ensure the impermeability of diapers, but also ensure the permeability of diapers.。

Design customization diapers

Design customization diapers

China diaper manufacturer all materials accept customized:

  1. Absrobent core: San-Dia SAP, Sumitomo SAP, China SAP, etc;
  2. Topsheet: Spunbond NW, Hot air NW, organice cotton, etc;
  3. Backsheet: PE film, cloth like, etc
  4. Magic tape: S cut, Straight, etc
  5. Enlarge elastic waist band, samall elastic waist band, without elastic, etc

     6.Diaper shape: Elastic waist band, T shape, etc

Product packaging

china diapess factory
chinese diapers factory

We have many registered brands of diapers can use Lera baby green package,Glendor baby or Cozy lera to save the printing mould cost and with low minimum order quantity. Also, the package can be customised printed with your logo and your brand and design as per your request.

MOQ requirements

As the Chinese diaper manufacturer .Our MOQ for baby diaper is one 20ft about 150,000 pieces for two sizes mixed,one 40HQ container about 350,000 pieces for four sizes mixed

How do I know if a supplier can customize the diapers I need?

customize the diapers

Whether agents or consumers, in the choice of products, quality is the first, and quality is related to the strength of the company, the strength of production, with a strong corporate endorsement and technical strength, naturally can better ensure product quality. True Mission Industrial Co.,Ltd. as the leading China diapers manufacturer founded in 2005, has 17 years of diaper OEM experience, to provide customers with design, production, logistics and distribution of one-stop customized brand services, is a domestic sanitary products OEM enterprises with perfect facilities, strong capacity.

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