How to find a reputable diaper direct supplier in 6 easy steps

How to find a reputable diaper direct supplier in 6 easy steps

If you are a diaper dealer. In order to save money, you may want to consider buying them in bulk from a diaper direct supplier. Here are 6 easy steps to help you find a reputable one.

Defining a reputable supplier

  1. Reputable suppliers are always honest. Treat employees and customers fairly. All materials, order quantity, and promised delivery time must be carried out according to customer requirements.
  2. He has enough factory facilities and professional knowledge and an independent R&D team to continuously improve his products
  3. Reasonable price, excellent service level.

Step 1: Do your research

The Internet is very powerful. You can search the website of the diaper direct supplier through Google to learn about the production equipment and production environment of the direct supplier of diapers, as well as some pictures of the plant, laboratories and other information about the factory, as well as the products, styles and types. You can also find the size of a supplier’s factory through Google Maps and feel the presence of the supplier.

Check the packaging of the product from the market, which has a lot of information about the diaper direct supplier.

Step 2: Check for online reviews

Review other customer reviews of diaper direct suppliers. Check whether other orders are produced according to order specifications, delivery time, and after-sales service, even in the face of finished products need to be adjusted, the attitude of the diaper direct supplier. This is very important, everyone wants to have a happy cooperation.

Step 3: Understand the product

Diapers are a very powerful fluid control system. Even though diapers are thin, they have a complicated internal structure. The structure of different brands of diapers is much the same, basically there are four layers, the surface layer, The diversion layer

, the absorbency core, the backsheet film.

The surface layer

The surface layer is directly in contact with the baby’s delicate skin, so it requires soft and breathable, does not absorb water itself, can keep the child’s body dry, quickly absorb urine and prevent side leakage. The surface layer is made of non-woven material. The most commonly used in the field of nappies are hot air non-woven fabric and spunbonded non-woven fabric, among which the performance of hot air non-woven fabric is better.

The diversion layer

The diversion layer is located between the surface layer and the absorption core, and its function is to make the diaper quickly, effectively and evenly absorb the liquid. Because the baby urine is in the local diaper, if not timely and quickly dredging to other positions, it will lead to the local core body of the diaper due to excessive absorption and blockage, resulting in back seepage.

Compared with the surface layer, the fibers of the guide layer are mainly arranged vertically. When the urine reaches the guide layer, the fiber network of the guide layer will immediately absorb the liquid. After temporary storage, the liquid will spread along the longitudinal fiber until it is absorbed by the core layer, avoiding the phenomenon of local blockage and reinfiltration due to large amount of liquid absorption in the core layer.

  1. The abosrbency core

Currently, the diapers in circulation on the market are usually divided into two core structures: one is the full core. The other is the composite paper core, the composite core is composed of fluff pulp and polymer water absorbent resin (SAP).

Let me say a few more words here about polymer absorbent resins. Polymer water absorbent resin (SAP) is a high polymer with three-dimensional spatial network formed by appropriate crosslinking, the health field is mainly used for sanitary napkins, diapers raw materials. It is insoluble in water, also insoluble in organic solvents, but has a unique water absorption and water retention performance, but also has the characteristics of polymer materials: Water absorption capacity is large, up to hundreds or even thousands of times of its own mass, water absorption speed can be generated in a few seconds of gel, and strong water retention, even under heat and pressure conditions is not easy to lose water, light, heat, acid and base stability is good, with good biodegradation performance.

  1. The backsheet film

The backsheet film looks like a plastic film, but it’s actually a breathable microporous film. The micropore is the most critical part, because the minimum diameter of a water drop is 20µm, and the diameter of a water vapor molecule is 0.0004µm, and the micropore diameter is between the two. In this way, it is breathable and impermeable to water.

Step 4: Consider the price

Based on your research of the diaper direct supplier, your reputation, and your knowledge of the product. Determine the product specifications you want, compare prices among different diaper direct suppliers, and pay attention to whether the materials provided by the suppliers are of the same quality, otherwise the price details will be different. By comparing the prices of several suppliers, you can have a better understanding of the market price of the industry. You should be wary of prices that are far lower than the market price, because it is difficult for you not to doubt whether the direct supplier of diapers with such a price has enough strength to bear the after-sales problem of the order. At the same time, it is also necessary to determine the high price suppliers, they are far superior to the peer strength and the corresponding service level. With the rest of the diaper suppliers, you can combine the strengths of each one. For comparison.

Step 5: Compare shipping costs

When you determine the direct supplier of diapers, you will have a cost reference for the total price of the product, but there is also a very important shipping cost. You need to compare the quotation of several forwarders, their routes, and shipping at different times, the shipping cost will be different. For example, a month or two before Christmas, which is also a peak shipping time. Plan early and prepare.

Step 6: Ask for referrals

You can ask for some recommendations from diaper importers in your country’s market. They have enough experience about the products, as well as the direct suppliers of diapers, and even the partners in the forwarder. They will give you some experience, which can save you a lot of time and is a very valuable reference.

Conclusion: The importance of a reputable supplier

Reputable suppliers can guide us into this field, even if we don’t know much about the product, they will send you samples for quality check, and send you some pictures and videos of the product, as well as information about their factory. In actual production, they will also strictly follow the production specifications to ensure timely delivery. They provide good quality products, the weapon you use to get into the industry, is your first step to success.

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