How to find a reliable adult diaper factory?  

How to find a reliable adult diaper factory?  

If you are in adult diaper business, it is important to find a reliable factory. This can be a difficult and overwhelming task, but there are some things you can keep in mind that will help make the process easier.

Information on adult diapers

Why finding a reliable adult diaper factory is important

Adult diaper is fast growing industry. Total worth estimated 10 billion 300 million USD in 2019 and projected to grow by 35% to 14 billion USD within 5 years. Adult diapers represent 29.2% of global fluff pulp sales, where baby diapers and feminine hygiene pads represent 34.6% and 24.1% respectively.

However, in the adult hygiene product industry, there are so many adult diaper factory on the market, and many of them are of different quality and quality in terms of production scale and product quality, which leads to the appearance of product quality problems after the product is launched. various problems.

So it is very important to find a reliable adult diaper factory.


Research: how to search adult diaper factories

The Internet is very powerful. You can search for adult diaper factories on Google to find the factory information you want, or search for adult diaperfactory from other B2C websites, and filter the appropriate factories from the results, or from other social networking sites, such as facebook, insgream , you can also find it from Youtube. You can get information about many adult diaper factories from it.


Evaluation: what factors to consider when evaluating an adult diaper factory

Advanced production equipment

First consider the production equipment of an adult diaper factory. At present, as far as the big brand adult diaper factories in the market are concerned, they are increasing their investment in production equipment.

At present, the most advanced diaper production equipment companies in the world mainly include: Japan Ruiguang Company, Italian Famecanico Company and Italian GDM Company. Advanced production equipment is much higher than ordinary equipment in terms of operation stability, product quality stability, production speed and production efficiency, which can not only improve the quality of diapers, but also increase the production capacity of the adult diaper factory.

The second is the raw materials of adult diapers, from wood pulp to non-woven bottom and surface layers, polymers, rubber bands, Velcro, etc., are also the rigid configuration of diapers. Among the many adult diaper factories, Japan’s Sumitomo brand is the most widely used polymer, and the American brand Huihao is selected for wood pulp. Powerful adult diaper factories will choose to cooperate with raw material suppliers of well-known brands.

Regular adult diaper factories will monitor the temperature and humidity in the production workshop to ensure that bacteria in the production environment do not have the conditions for survival, and diapers will also be tested for bacteria before the product leaves the factory. At present, the more advanced factories and production workshops use sterile production workshops with constant temperature and humidity, which can better ensure the hygiene and safety of diapers.


shortlist: how to shortlist adult diaper factories

Check out the samples of the adult diaper factory. Check whether the product quality meets your needs.

Second, compare prices. Same quality, different adult diaper factory quotations under product specifications.

Third, compare the production capacity and delivery time, ensure timely delivery, and do not miss the peak sales period of the product.

Fourth, compared with services, good services can save a lot of unnecessary worries and make the whole transaction feel more comfortable.

visit: how to visit an adult diaper factory

Visiting the adult diaper factory can learn from the various production processes and processes, how the adult diaper starts from the core body, and finally becomes a piece of adult diaper after multiple pressure laminations, cutting and slitting. Whether the quality department of the factory has conducted a random inspection of the finished products, and tested the rewet, slippage, absorption speed, lumpy fault test (jitter test), saturated absorption, water retention, etc. of the diapers, and personally experience whether the adult diapers meet the production requirements.


Finding a reliable adult diaper factory is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. There are a few key factors to look for when vetting a potential supplier, such as product quality, price, and customer service. By taking the time to do your research, you can find a factory that will be a valuable partner in your business.


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