Precautions for using and purchasing sanitary napkins

Precautions for using and purchasing sanitary napkins


Precautions for using sanitary napkins

  1. It is best to buy cotton surface sanitary napkins.
  2. Wash your hands and disinfect them before use. Otherwise, the bacteria on the hands can be carried to the sanitary napkin and touch the skin of the vulva, causing infection.
  3. Replace every 3 hours. Avoid bacterial reproduction, causing gynecological inflammation
  4. Use scented sanitary napkins carefully. avoid allergies

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Precautions for purchasing sanitary napkins

The choice of sanitary napkins

1.Female friends to buy sanitary napkins first of all, try to choose high quality products. The low quality sanitary napkins may cause gynecological diseases and lead to skin allergies.

  1. Focus on expiration dates. The quality of sanitary napkins can not be guaranteed after the expiration date.

3.Be careful with scented sanitary napkins. Allergic women should pay attention to the packaging when buying sanitary napkins, and check whether to add allergens to sanitary napkins.

4.Choose high absorption sanitary napkins which can avoid in the sultry environment have a large number of bacteria breeding, cause vaginitis.

The wholesale guide for sanitary napkin

  1. Find a commoditysanitary napkinbrand. They have no requirement on wholesale quantity, which is the most convenient and easiest way to buy goods.
  2. Contact the sanitary napkin manufacturer directly. Tell them your wholesale intention and want to cooperate with them for a long time, and strive for sanitary napkin factory to supply you at the factory price.
  3. Go to the local market for wholesale. The advantages of the local wholesale market are that there is a complete range of goods and you can shop around, the quantity of goods is not restricted, the transportation cost is relatively low, and you can negotiate more favorable prices and door-to-door delivery services.
  4. Why choose True Mission Company as a cooperative supplier of sanitary napkins

As a OEM sanitary napkin supplier, we have the advantage of clustering cost, and the output is much larger than that of a single brand factory, which greatly reduces the production cost. The quality of the finished products produced is stable, in line with customer requirements. With a professional R & D team, we can make new styles according to the order requirements to meet the market demand.

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