Key points of sanitary napkins

Key points of sanitary napkins

The quality and safety of sanitary napkins is a common concern of female consumers. In order to avoid as much as possible the emergence of safety risks, regular manufacturers from the selection of raw materials to production, have carried out strict control.

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The deviation of the length, width and strip quality of sanitary napkins

There is an indirect proportional relationship between the length, width and absorption amount of sanitary napkins, and it affects the comfort.

 Generally, the size and length of sanitary napkins for daily use is about 240mm, which is suitable for female population with general or less blood volume constitution.

 Sanitary napkins with a length between 240mm and 320mm are generally used as long or strong absorbent.

 Sanitary napkins with a length larger than 320mm are generally used as super absorbent, and there is also a special extended version of 420mm. which are suitable for large menstrual volume absorption.

 With the increase of the length of sanitary napkins, the width of sanitary napkins also increases, but the thickness varies with different techniques of sanitary napkins.

 The water absorption of sanitary napkins

The absorption of sanitary napkins and panty liner is mainly accomplished by the fluff pulp in the absorption layer, macromolecule absorbent resin or absorbent paper. The higher the water absorption ratio, the stronger the absorptive capacity of the product.

 According to the product standard, the water absorption ratio of sanitary napkins shall be no less than 9.0 times and that of sanitary pads no less than 3.5 times.

 The improvement of water absorption ratio is mainly to add macromolecule water absorption resin into the absorption layer. However, excessive pursuit of high water absorption ratio will increase the production cost, and may also cause excess resources, resulting in waste

 The breathability of sanitary napkins

It is important for women to pay attention to the water absorption of sanitary napkins, but in fact, breathability is the most important thing. Airtight sanitary napkins will affect hygiene problems. In an airtight environment, many bacteria will grow, which will greatly increase the probability of gynecological diseases.

 The PH value of sanitary napkins

pH value is a measure of the skin irritation of sanitary napkins (including panty liners).

Human skin is weakly acidic (pH value of healthy skin is 5. 0 ~ 5.6), and the pH value of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads should be 4.0 ~ 9.0.Sanitary napkin suppliers must select qualified materials to meet the standard PH value.

 The adhesive strength of sanitary napkin glue

Back adhesive is an important index to test the function of sanitary napkins. If the adhesive is too large, the backsheet  film will be torn and the adhesive will stick to the underwear after the sanitary napkin is used. And if it’s too small, it won’t stick to your underwear. The product standard of sanitary napkins is expressed by the adhesive strength, which is not only related to the performance of hot melt adhesive itself, but also related to other raw materials and production process.

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