When can a baby wear diaper pants

When can a baby wear diaper pants

When can a baby wear baby diaper pant? Look at the 3 signals!

Signal 1: The baby's age and weight.

Babies grow rapidly after birth for a period of time, and they gain in size and weight. Babies of younger months usually wear baby diapers, ranging from the size NB to XL.

But the baby diaper pants are different. The size generally starts from M or L and goes up to XXL, which is more suitable for older children.

When your baby is too tight in size M diapers or L diapers, you can switch to baby diaper pants.

The main feature of the baby diaper pant is that they are easy to wear, whether standing or lying down, they can be worn, and the baby is also more fit and convenient for sports.

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Signal two: gross motor development.

Usually from 6 months, the baby’s autonomous activities are more and more, and he can sit, crawl, stand, and have more activities. At this time, you can consider changing to the baby diaper pants, which are more suitable for the skin and will not affect the baby. The practice of large movements also makes the baby feel more comfortable.

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Signal three: whether it is convenient to change diapers.

The child is usually very naughty, every time to change the diaper is very hard, do not cooperate. At this time also can consider wearing baby pull up pant, wear off more convenient.

How often should you change your child's diaper?

If your baby has a bowel movement, you need to change the baby diaper pant immediately. It is only necessary to change the diaper pant every 2-3 hours. The urine of the baby of each age is different. Especially when the baby is just born, he urinates soon after feeding, but the amount of urine is very small, and he can urinate once twice.

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Of course, you can also change it by time, such as every 2-3 hours. If the time is too long, the urine will soak into the baby’s little buttocks. Long-term friction will easily make the skin red, and finally cause diaper dermatitis, and the baby will be very uncomfortable. So as soon as there is stool, change it immediately. After changing, you need to clean the buttocks. After cleaning, wipe it with a clean cotton cloth and keep it dry. If it is urine, change it every 2-3 hours.

How do you prevent diaper rash?

To be diligent in replacing the baby diaper pant, because the surface layer of the baby pull ups, left on the baby’s skin to carry bacteria, if not replaced for a long time easy to lead to bacterial breeding.

Many babies are prone to red buttocks when wearing baby diaper pant, mainly because the baby’s buttocks are in a humid and hot environment for a long time. Under the stimulation of friction, feces and urine, the skin will be damaged and reddened. Coupled with bacterial or fungal infections, the symptoms are aggravated.。

Therefore, to strengthen the care of the baby buttocks is a very important thing for mothers, the specific nursing method is: in the baby poop and urine, with warm water to clean the butt, and then wipe the gentle moisture of the buttock cream, such as the baby’s butt dry, and then put on baby diaper pant.

If the baby appears to be allergic to diapers, mothers can consider using cloth diapers or a different brand of baby diapers pant .

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How to choose a suitable baby pull up pants?

1.Select the surface layer

The surface layer is very important, because this is the direct contact surface of the skin, and the softness and comfort of the surface layer directly affect the wearing experience. A good surface layer is soft and anti-allergic. The new surface layer has a 3D pearl pattern surface layer, which is mostly used in baby diapers and face towels, because it is soft and skin-friendly, reducing skin friction, and this material, It can effectively reduce the contact area of the skin and is extremely friendly to sensitive skin.

2.Select absorbency core

 Many people do not pay attention to this detail, but this is the most important part of the baby diaper pant. The quality of the core directly determines the capacity and speed of absorption, and the efficiency of “whitening”.

After such a long period of development, baby diapers pant already have a very thin and mature technology core. At this stage, good baby diapers pant mostly use a 5-layer structure technology core, which has excellent diversion and diversion capabilities. After the urine can be quickly absorbed and penetrated, it will diffuse down, and the absorption will be more uniform, so that it will not agglomerate into lumps;

The excellent composite core can quickly “return white”, that is, urine can quickly penetrate into the core through the surface layer, and the surface layer can be dried very quickly, not damp or stuffy, more comfortable to wear for a long time, bid farewell to the previous “sticky” sense.

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三 Select "Waist"

“Waist circumference” is important, just like choosing underwear, too tight wear for a long time will strangle the baby’s waist, too loose wrapping is not good, it will leak urine.

You need to make sure your baby is wearing the right type of diaper pants and that you have enough clean ones.

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