5 steps to find a perfect baby diaper manufacturer

5 steps to find a perfect baby diaper manufacturer

Why finding a perfect diaper manufacturer is important

Baby diapers of raw materials, such as price, profit is relatively low, but the production of diapers demanding and requires a lot of advanced equipment and technology, so, for a lot of brands, can choose the diapers OEM factory, to reduce the cost, quickly put on the market, so choose diapers manufacturer becomes very important.

In the face of baby diaper manufacturers, most people will consider the most important two points, quality and price. They tend to price, choose cost-effective manufacturers, then you need to do a lot of comparison. This is undoubtedly a time-consuming and laborious affair.

many diapers
many diapers

How to find a perfect baby diaper manufacturer.

Step 1: Define your requirements

Defining your requirements for the product is the first and most important step in choosing a baby diaper manufacturer. Your choice of diaper manufacturer will be based on the product style, raw material grade, product weight and absorption of each size.

Based on the product requirements, consider the manufacturer’s production capacity, independent research and development capabilities, and enough substantial price advantages, etc.

Step 2: Do your research

Production strength of diaper manufacturers:

Diapers manufacturer production line number, the enterprise capacity, plant area, level 100000 dust-free production workshop is in accordance with the standards, and equipped with stain, image detection and metal detection, the quality of infrared ray sterilization and other professional equipment for inspection and quarantine of the diapers manufacturer is rigorous, professional, standardized to produce intelligent control system and quality management system.

Research and development strength:

Whether the diaper manufacturer has an independent research and development center of millions of levels, a professional research and development team in accordance with the international industry technical standards, and equipped with a variety of high-quality advanced testing instruments for all kinds of health care products, multifunctional physical and chemical laboratories and constant temperature and humidity operation laboratories. The equipment will be used in the technical research of raw materials, hierarchy, performance, safety, process, appearance, packaging improvement and so on.

Professional team:

Whether the diaper manufacturer has professional and technical personnel, R&D management personnel, production service personnel. Whether the diaper manufacturer follows a strict and perfect management system, from raw material procurement, inspection and all process details are strictly checked by skilled and professional management technical backbone, so as to ensure that unqualified raw materials are not put into storage and unqualified products are not delivered, providing customers with the best quality service and the most reliable quality.

Step 3:Create a shortlist

After making a comprehensive comparison of each manufacturer, create a shortlist, marking each manufacturer’s strengths, price, delivery time, service, and any other details you would like.

Step 4: Compare and contrast

Choosing a manufacturer with a strong advantage can avoid a lot of trouble. Whether in the delivery period, after-sales service is a good choice for you to choose suppliers.

The delivery time, can guarantee the delivery time of diapers manufacturers can guarantee the supply of products, will not miss the sales peak, also can avoid the loss caused by the rise of sea freight

Research ability. Manufacturers and suppliers with R&D capabilities can design the products you want, the quality, the packaging, and the finer things like the raw materials you’re going to use. They can satisfy you.

The price. Manufacturers that have a price advantage manufacturers can make the market better for you in terms of cost, they can reduce the cost for you. Make better profits.

Step 5: Make your decision

After all the factors are summarized, the best manufacturer is selected, but many of them need to be negotiated. There is no best manufacturer, only the most suitable one. Don’t go for low prices. Beware of price traps.

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