The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Diaper Manufacturer

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Diaper Manufacturer

The manufacturer’s experience is important

The main reason why OEM diapers manufacturer has become the choice of many brands is simplicity, convenience and money saving. Through OEM, the global coverage of the company’s brand can be quickly completed, and investment costs and investment risks can be reduced. The production requirements of diapers are strict, and many advanced equipment and technologies are required. Therefore, for many brands, the choice of diaper manufacturer is particularly important.

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R & D strength:

Diapers manufacturers need in accordance with international technical standards in the industry, with millions of experiment research and development center, equipped with high-quality professional development team, as well as a variety of high quality level of the whole category of health care products advanced detection instruments, multi-function physical and chemical laboratory and constant temperature and humidity laboratory operation, this is a high quality diapers manufacturers necessary hardware requirements.

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Rich production experience:

Diaper manufacturers should be equipped with multiple high-speed production lines to meet production capacity requirements. The production workshop should meet the 100,000-level dust-free standard, and be equipped with stain detection, mirror detection, material replacement and waste removal, metal detection, infrared sterilization and other sets of professional quality. Inspection and quarantine equipment, and strict, professional and standardized 6S production control system and intelligent quality management system.

Professional team:

The diaper factory must have technical backbone personnel who are proficient in technology and professional management from raw material procurement, inspection to the details of each process, and product testing must have quality inspectors and professional laboratory operators. These are professional teams that guarantee product quality.

Consider the Manufacturer’s Capabilities

The production capacity of the diaper factory is crucial. On the one hand, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the product to be completed according to the order, but also to meet the delivery of the order within the agreed time. The production speed of diapers is about 600 pieces per minute. The size of each product is adjusted by machine for different production lines, which is why most diaper manufacturers have MOQ requirements for products.Below are some of the best-selling diaper products。

Do not over your budget

There are many kinds of product quality of diapers, and each country’s market has a little different preference for quality. Based on your budget, you should choose a diaper manufacturer with a quality that the market prefers and an advantage within your budget. Ultra-thin cores are a popular trend, and more and more importers will choose such products to build their own brands.

Think about your needs

Before looking for a diaper manufacturer, confirm the product you want. Determine the quality and size of the product, as well as the material, weight, and absorption capacity of the product, which is conducive to effective communication with the diaper manufacturer and obtaining a suitable product quotation.

Having the right diaper manufacturer for your business is key to success.

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