5 Ways to Deal with Pad Allergies

5 Ways to Deal with Pad Allergies

Many women have a very embarrassing annoyance, that is the sanitary napkins allergy problem. Different brands of sanitary napkin materials and technology are different, and everyone’s skin is also different, after using sanitary napkin may cause skin allergy. Here are five ways to deal with this problem

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1.Less Use dry mesh surface of sanitary napkins

Dry mesh surface layer is made of plastic, bacterial reproduction quickly, easy to red rash. If you belong to the allergic constitution, often appear skin allergy problems of women, it is recommended to choose soft cotton surface because it is not easy to stimulate the skin, to avoid allergy problems.

  1. Avoiding allergens can solve sanitary napkin allergies

The best way to prevent allergies is to avoid allergens and stop using the pads as soon as you feel irritated, itchy or uncomfortable. It is best to find out the ingredients that cause allergies (most commonly, the essence in sanitary napkins), and do not use any sanitary napkins that contain the same ingredients. Try to use sanitary napkins that do not contain fluorescent agents, chlorine, essence and other chemical components. People with sensitive skin had better use less dry mesh surface and more cotton mesh surface, dry mesh surface absorption is fast, but the stimulation of the skin. Summer is more prone to allergies, because of the local accumulation of moisture, so we should pay more attention to often replace, the best use of breathable, good moisture discharge sanitary napkins.

  1. The correct way to choose sanitary napkins
  2. When purchasing, try to choose the most recently produced products.
  3. Based on your own experience. There are many types of sanitary napkins, including cotton, mesh, scented and medicated sanitary napkins. We should choose the most suitable sanitary napkin according to our actual feelings.
  4. Select the appropriate sanitary napkin for menstrual stage. Generally, women’s menstrual period can be divided into three stages. According to these three stages, different types of sanitary napkins can be used, 240mm for daytime use, 280mm for nighttime use, and large length, 320mm. Slim minis or pads can be used before and after your period.
  5. Don’t buy promotional products lightly. The slow-moving products sold by merchants, such as more economical materials, looser inspections, longer inventory periods, etc., make it difficult to guarantee product quality.
  6. Do not be the new experimenter of the manufacturer. New brands, new varieties, new fabrics, and new concepts are flying all over the sky, coupled with promotions, which often lead to impulsive consumption. For example, the popular dry mesh noodles, many people with allergies will get red and itchy after using it.


A reliable manufacturer, a reliable store, a good reputation, and your own personal experience are still the most basic common sense when buying sanitary napkins.

  1. Pay attention to diet to avoid allergies to sanitary napkins

During the physiological period do not eat cold, spicy and other stimulating food, eat light, drink warm water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat some nutritious things, will be helpful to the treatment of allergy.

  1. Change sanitary napkins frequently

Sanitary napkins generally need to be changed every 2 to 3 hours, and no more than 4 to 5 hours at most.

Always wash your hands before using sanitary napkins to avoid transferring germs to the sanitary napkins. Panty liners are fine to use occasionally, but not every day. Change frequently and keep dry.

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