5 steps to choose the suitable adult diaper pants

5 steps to choose the suitable adult diaper pants

Why choose adult diaper pants?

Adult diaper pants are panty type diapers, the waist is elastic, more suitable for mobile people to use.

Adult diaper pants are lightweight and patients can wear them during daytime workouts.

The shape of adult diaper pant is the same as underwear, which can not be seen after wearing. It has a high water absorption and three-dimensional protective enclosure leakage, which is very conducive to the use of mild incontinence patients.

5 steps to choose the suitable adult diaper pants.

Step 1: Determine the level of absorbency you need

The absorption capacity of adult diapers pant is an important factor we value in the selection of products, because a little attention, not timely replacement for the elderly is easy to leak urine, serious will also suffer from urine infection, and even bedsores. According to the survey data, the average adult urine volume is 250 ml/time, and the water absorption capacity of adult diapers pant is about 1,000 ml under normal circumstances. The higher absorption will be between 1000 and 1200 ml.

Step 2: Consider the size and fit of the diaper pants

It was necessary to find out the waist, hip and weight when buying diaper pant, and then check the package to see if the size was the same. After you buy them, you should check the elastic waist of adult pullback pants, because the size of waist and hip will change under different positions, so you should ensure that the diapers have a certain elasticity to better use.


Step 3: Choose a style that meets your needs

Make sure you choose something that suits your body type.

Especially the leg and waist of the elastic groove can not be too tight, otherwise the skin will be hurt.

At the same time to choose soft, material good tactile diapers pant, because adult diapers pant are almost from the body, soft to prevent chafing.

Step 4: Consider the cost of the diaper pants

Adult pull-up pants are more convenient to wear and take off, and more comfortable with an elastic waist, so they are generally more expensive than diapers.

Expensive adult diaper pant can be perfected in the details of safety, leak-proof, comfort and breathability, as well as water absorption.

But generally speaking, it is most important to choose the adult pull-up pants that are economical and meet your requirements.

Step 5: Try out different brands and types of diaper pants


Identify adult diaper pants not only need to consider from the size, but also from the product material, absorption, dry comfort, leak-proof degree and other aspects. Of course, material and comfort are factors you have to balance.

You can buy several brands of products from supermarkets or online shopping malls for trial comparison, and choose the most satisfactory adult pull-up pants from the comprehensive factors and prices.


Many people may think that adult diapers pant are for the elderly and people with mobility problems, but this is actually wrong. Adult diapers pant are mainly a convenient care product for adults to solve the problem of not being able to go to the bathroom. And now as adult diapers are becoming more and more popular, more and more brands of adult diapers have entered the public’s vision, so it is particularly important to choose suitable adult pull-up pants.

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