Wholesale baby diapers for distributors and retailers

Wholesale baby diapers for distributors and retailers

Baby diapers wholesale by True Mission Industrial Company in terms of high quality that sets it apart of the other diapers, and it is one of the best diapers in terms of its ability to absorb moisture, and give the baby a sense of comfort all day long. In addition to the soft cotton texture on the delicate baby skin.

Wholesale diaper prices and services

The diapers that True Mission Industrial company whosale are of high quality of course as mentioned previously, but the prices of baby diapers in are generally related to the sizes of the diapers in which they are produced, and they are related to the number of diapers put in the package.

Importing Baby Diapers From China- customzation service. Method of packing, packaging, and shipping.We provide customized services for diaper distributors and retailers from all over the world, from product style, raw material selection, size, and brand packaging bag design can be in accordance with the requirements of brand wholesalers.

Our role as a wholesaler of diapers

We have been focusing on production and export for 17 years and our products have been sold to more than 70 countries. We baby diaper wholesaler provide production services for brands to reduce costs. Also seek our own brand baby diaper wholesaler around the world, also support customization services, product styles, packaging bags, brands, etc. can be customized according to your requirements.


Wholesale diapers, wet wipes and sanitary napkins for retailers in the Russia, South America, mid-east and other countries

True Mission Industrial Company have achieved high customer satisfaction in all markets they have existed. We offers wholesale baby diaper, sanitary napkin,wet wipes for retailer in Russia,South American market so many countries around the world. True Mission Industrial Company aims to be the leader of development and innovations in the sector, using efficient, quality and environment-friendly operation systems with its production facilities bearing the highest capacity and technology of its sector.

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